3 Amigos Mexican Grill

108 S Catherine St
Walhalla, SC 29691



Combinations $7.25
You may susbstitute for a soft taco for 0.50 cents extra for cheese sauce add additional $1.25 extra

01 Two Enchiladas, Taco, Rice
02 Enchilada, Taco, Tostada
03 Enchilada, Taco, Chile Relleno
04 Enchilada, Taco, Tostada con Queso
05 Two Enchiladas, Rice, Beans
06 Taco, Enchilada, Rice, Beans
07 Enchilada, Chile Relleno, Rice, Beans
08 Enchilada, Tamal, Rice, Beans
09 Enchilada, Tostada, Rice
10 Two Tacos, Rice, Beans

11 Burrito, Enchilada, Taco
12 Burrito, Enchilada, Chile Relleno
13 Burrito, Enchilada, Tamal
14 Taco, Chile Relleno, Rice, Beans
15 Burrito, Taco, Chile Relleno
16 Burrito, Chile Relleno, Rice
17 Three Enchiladas, Rice
18 Quesadilla, Rice, Beans
19 Burrito, Taco, Rice, Beans
20 Burrito, Enchilada, Rice, Beans

Make your own
Any 2 items plus your choice of rice or beans $7.50 Taco, enchilada, burrito. Any 3 items plus rice and beans $8.75 Chile relleno, tamal, tostada, chalupa, quesadilla

3 Amigos Mexican Grill