3 Amigos Mexican Grill

108 S Catherine St
Walhalla, SC 29691



Burrito al Carbon $9.75
Your choice of marinated Skirt Steak or Grilled chicken breast
strips in a largewrap, smothered in cheese dip, served with rice
and refried beans

Burrito Grande $9.95
A burrito filled with carne asada and grilled chicken, topped with
lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and choice of salsa verde
or ranchero sauce

Burrito California $10.75
Grilled Steak and chicken mixed with rice, beans,
lettuce, pico de gallo and sour cream topped
with red and green sauce

Burrito Supreme $5.50
Ground Beef or pulled chicken served with
lettuce, shredded cheese, sour cream and a slice of

Cheesto Burrito $5.50
Your choice of pulled chicken or ground beef
smothered in cheese dip

Burrito a la Roqueta $8.25
Two soft flour tortillas filled with pork, topped
with ranchero sauce cheese dp and pico de gallo

Burrito Deluxe $7.95
Two burritos combined one chicken with beans
and one beef with beans, topped with lettuce,
tomatoes and sour cream

Chimichanga $7.50
Flash fried flour tortilla stuffed with beef or pulled chicken and
beans, topped with cheese dip served with a crispy salad
bowl of lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and a
side of rice

Chimichanga Mixta $8.95
Two flour tortillas deep fried one beef and one
chicken, topped with nacho cheese and garnished
with a guacamole salad served with beans





Special Dinner $10.50
Chalupa with guacamole salad, chile relleno, beef taco, enchilada burrito, rice and beans

Burritos Mixtos $10.75
Two burritos combined one grilled chicken, one with steak, topped with cheese sauce and rice or beans

Flautas $7.25
Flour deep fried rolled corn tortilla stuffed with chicken or beef served with guacamole salad and sour cream

Chilaquiles Mexicanos $8.75
Corn tortillas cooked with chicken and our own special sauce red or green topped with cheese served with rice and beans

Chiles Poblanos $8.95
Stuffed with chihuahua cheese lightly battered and fried bread topped with ranchero sauce, served with rice and beans

Chicken Enchiladas $7.50
(3) Red, green, mole or mixed stuffed with pulled chicken, choose from green tomatillo salsa, mild red salsa, spicy chocolate mole sauce or your own mix. Topped with Mexican cream cheese and fresh onions served with rice and beans

Yolandas $8.75
Three chicken enchiladas topped with ranchero sauce served with rice and beans

Super Chimichanga $9.95
A big flour tortilla filled with Steak Fajita and Chicken fajita, topped with cheese dip, served with rice

Pollo Fundido $9.25
Two flour tortillas soft or fried, filled with chicken topped with melted shredded cheese and sour cream served with rice


3 Amigos Mexican Grill